February 6, 2011

CodeBox 1.1

Here we go! The first CodeBox update is available in the Mac App Store :)

Thanks a lot for all your support during the last month, thanks for emails, tweets, reviews and ratings in the Mac App Store. After careful consideration of all your suggestions, I decided to redo the architecture and user interface. As result, the app become easier to use, really fast and lightweight.

You asked to add support for syncing using DropBox or any other Cloud service. Also, you wanted to manage more than one library and store libraries at custom locations. CodeBox 1.1 brings support for this stuff altogether. And now every library is a Document!

So, you can save the library into DropBox, iDisk, mounted FTP folder or any other location. Open the library at work, make changes and click Save. That’s it — all your snippets are available on all your macs.

By the way, thanks to the new architecture, the app got full-featured support for Undo and better performance.

Multiple Assets in CodeBox

Many users wanted to have ability to add materials, files, notes and links related to their snippets. So meet the new feature in CodeBox 1.1 — Assets.

Assets are multiple parts of a single snippet. Each asset can have its own name, file extension and text notes. In current version, you can create assets with text content and web links.

To create a web link asset, copy any HTTP URL and select command New Asset From Clipboard. This will create a new asset presented as a web page.

In the future I’m going to add support for image assets and maybe something else.

Meet CodeBar

As I can see from the feedback, most of you need more advanced helper in the menu bar. Also, you don’t like that CodeBox should be always running in the Dock. Usually it’s enough to have only the icon in the menu bar.

I would like to introduce your new assistant — CodeBar. Go to the application preferences and turn it on — now you can quit CodeBox but still have the full access to all your library files from the menu bar.

Use CodeBar for browsing libraries, folders, groups, snippets and assets. Any selected snippet can be copied into Clipboard, previewed or pasted into the active application.

CodeBar will note the library after you open the document or save any changes.

Syntax Highlighting is coming

I can guess your first feature request after downloading the new version of CodeBox :) Here is the deal:

As 1.1 brought support for assets, and assets can have their own file extensions, there is no more need to have the limited number of supported highlights.

So I’m already working on the new engine for syntax highlighting. I hope you will like it.


  1. Great app for keeping copies of my php code.

    Looking for codebox snippet libraries.

    If anyone is sharing their libraries please post your links here. thx in advance

  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

    You can find some code snippet libraries at https://github.com/shpakovski/CodeBox

  3. So i take it this app is also dead... Pity

    It was such and awesome app

    It would have been nice if you built further on it