May 16, 2011

PNG Compressor 1.0

After using console tools like OptiPNG and PNGCrush for a while, I decided to write a native application for Mac OS X to rule them all. This is how my new app was born.

Last week I launched PNG Compressor. This is a GUI client for compressing PNG images. Now you do not need to launch Terminal every time you want to shrink pictures in PNG format. Instead, you just drag & drop files or folders from Finder directly into the Dock icon. Simple and easy!

Using PNG Compressor, you can optimize website graphics for faster loading. Or you can compress image files to save the bandwidth and hosting costs. Developers can use this utility to shrink bitmaps in the Mac and iPhone application bundles. And all of this can be done in the sexy user interface without any clatter.

I would like to thank all the people who supported PNG Compressor and downloaded it from the Mac App Store. As usually, any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. I'm carefully listening to all your emails and comments. The next update will bring support for additional engines like AdvPNG and PNGOut. Please stay tuned!

It seems like PNG Compressor has been warmly accepted by designers and coders. These days I constantly meet really cool tweets and reviews all over the web: i.e. Mac Stories, Mac Generation, Mac Magazine, Pplware. Thank you very much guys! This really matters and inspires me :)

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