June 7, 2011

CodeBox 1.4

What a day! Keynote by Apple was so exciting. And this is only beginning of the magical WWDC week! I'm 2x happy because of Apple Review Team approved version 1.4 right during the Keynote. I cannot believe these guys were working while Steve was announcing iOS 5 and iCloud. Bravo Apple! So, what's new in CodeBox?

Drag snippets between libraries

There is no more need to copy code and attributes one-by-one to transfer snippets between different CodeBox libraries. Now you can copy and paste or drag and drop whole Snippets, Groups, Folders and Smart Groups between libraries. This makes code snippet management extremely easy.

Export to Finder

CodeBox 1.3 brought support for adding files and folders from Finder. CodeBox 1.4 continues Finder integration and adds support for dragging whole folders, groups and snippets into Finder. For example, you can drop the complete project template including subfolders and all nested files. Neat?

CodeBar Text Expander

If you are an advanced Mac user, you must have heard about text expanding tools like TextExpander. According to your feedback, CodeBox really missed text expanding feature. So why not have it at hand? Adding abbreviations is easy: just write some letters before the asset name and attach them using a symbol @.

Say, you have an asset.txt with your email signature. Click the Asset tab and edit its name by adding the shortcut like here: SIGN@asset.txt. Next, save the library and switch to another Mac application. Type ‘SIGN’, and CodeBar should automatically replace it with contents of the ‘asset.txt’.

Add to CodeBox

The new service named Add to CodeBox allows you to select a piece of text from any application and create a new snippet with this text. Please, do not forget that you can define a custom Keyboard Shortcut to call the service in System Preferences.

Also, you can bookmark the link Add to CodeBox to create new snippets right from your browser. The workflow is as follows: install that link into the Bookmark bar, then select a piece of text on a webpage and click the Add to CodeBox bookmarklet. CodeBox will create the new snippet containing current selection.

CodeBar Keyboard Modifiers

In addition to revamped user interface, new CodeBar added support for custom Keyboard modifiers. Before, you had only one option, Command-Click, to insert selected snippet immediately. However, many of you wanted other options like Copy and Edit Code.

Here we go! In CodeBox 1.4, you are free to configure any command as you wish. For instance, Command-Click to Insert Code, Option-Click to Copy, Shift-Click to Edit code and placeholders.

Thanks for using CodeBox

I think this is the best release of CodeBox ever, and I hope you will like and use it as much as I do. As always, I want to thank you for reporting bugs and issues, suggesting new features and leaving reviews in the Mac App Store. Go get an update guys!

P. S.

Tips and Tricks for CodeBox updated on the Hidden Preferences page.


  1. Thanks for the update - text expanding was keeping CB from being truly useful. However, I can't get the auto expanding to work. I've changed the name of my html5.html snippet to html5@html5.html, save, open Espresso, type 'html5'... and nothing.

    Am I missing something? Thanks for the support!

  2. Hi.

    I really can't get the new text expanding feature to work at all.

    I made a new snippet, put SIGN@Asset.txt in the asset tab, saved it, and tried to write SIGN in TextEdit. But nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Guys, please ensure that you have enabled Universal Access for assistive devices in the System Preferences and relaunch CodBar in CodeBox Preferences window. This should help.

  4. Whats the difference between a group and a folder? and whats a smart group? Is there any documentation on this? Just curious as to how you envisioned it being used! Thank you!

  5. Group is a collection of snippets, and Smart Group is an “automatic” collection of snippets based on some condition(s). For example, you can have a Smart Group containing all email signatures selected by the tag ‘Signature’.

    As a Group is a collection of snippets, you can drag any Group into Finder to save snippets as source files on the Hard Drive. In this case no folders or subfolders will be created.

    Folders can be used for better flexibility and organizing hierarchies or file trees. Using Folders, you can combine multiple groups together or create nested subfolders. Then, if you drag Folder into Finder, subfolders will be recreated on the Hard Drive.

    So, here is the difference: make use of Folders to make snippet hierarchies, make use of Groups to keep related snippets in the same list.

    I'm going to make some videos demonstrating main features of CodeBox. Please stay tuned.

  6. maybe just need save the library (for text expander feature to update to your edit. works ok for me

  7. awesome exactly what i was looking for thank you so much!!

  8. Hi,
    Can you explain how to enable Add to CodeBox service in all applications? I can't find that service in System Preferences.

  9. @kcmr, please try to run command /System/Library/CoreServices/pbs in Terminal to refresh the list of available services.

  10. I'm trying to use the text expander feature but its not working.
    I've read the above recommendation (enable Universal Access for assistive devices in the System Preferences and relaunch CodBar in CodeBox Preferences window), but it doesnt work.

    im running OSX 10.7.3.


    1. Please ensure that your binary is up to date. If it is, then email me your .cbxml library and step-by-step scenario, so I can reproduce and fix a bug. Sorry for inconvenience.

  11. I've been using abbreviations with Coda 2. I have a simple html5 skeleton and it behaves as expected in TextWrangler, but in Coda I get the doctype declaration twice. Any clue?

    1. Please send the full scenario to reproduce the problem at codebox@shpakovski.com, thanks in advance!