March 15, 2012

CodeBox 1.5

I'm happy to announce that the new version of CodeBox is available for downloading. It brings some great features that you have requested recently together with minor improvements and bug fixes. Here is a brief overview of what is new.

Search through Code

You were able to filter and search only through snippet names and tags. Now you can search snippets and assets through code and notes. This feature is available in a just released update 1.5.1.

Better OS X Lion integration

You could experience issues with Autosave and Versions previously. This update should fix all this stuff. In addition, a library window gets support for the Full Screen mode.

“Paste” button in the Edit Code panel

CodeBar supports very useful feature named Edit Code. You can edit placeholders before copying code into the Clipboard. With this new version, there is no more need to copy code manually. Now you can click the Paste button to insert code right into the active application automatically.

Social code sharing

It was one of the most requested features. In the new update, you are two clicks or one keyboard shortcut away from sharing snippets to Gist and Snipplr. Please check out the menu commands under “Library ▸ Share”.

Newcomers, meet CodeBox

If you use another snippet manager or plugin, it's really easy to get started with CodeBox. Go to the “File ▸ New Library From” submenu. I added support for importing snippets from the most popular apps. Please let me know if you miss some app.

Edit tags in many snippets

You might miss an option to assign the same tag to the multiple snippet selection. Now you can do this by dragging selected snippets into any tag in the Tags view.

Links in the Notes field

Since version 1.5, You can drag a file from Finder into the Asset Notes field to make a clickable link to that file or folder. If the file path contains spaces, they should be escaped i.e. “/Users/dev/Desktop/MyProject”.

Other improvements

Finally, the update brings other little improvements and fixes many small issues. In addition, there are some new advanced options. Take a look at the updated Hidden Preferences.

I hope you will enjoy new features. Thanks a lot for your bug reports and feature requests. Be sure, all suggestions are carefully sorted, analyzed and considered for the future development. iCloud sync and iOS version are on their way, stay tuned guys!



  1. Very nice update. I've been waiting for the code sharing feature and you implemented this perfectly. Thanks again!

  2. Snipplr sharing is great! One thing I notice in testing the new feature though - my test snippet had two tags: tag1 and tag2. When I shared the code on Snipplr the tags were merged into a single tag: tag1tag2. I'm unsure if this a bug, or a limitation of Snipplr's API?

    1. Yay, thanks for the heads up! I'm sorry, the fix will be addressed in the upcoming update.

  3. @Vadim - Thanks Vadim! I'm really loving Codebox by the way. I switched to Mac recently and was looking for a good Snippet manager that integrated with Snipplr and supported library syncing via Dropbox, and Codebox fits the bill very nicely. I wasn't sure if the app was still under active development, but when I noticed yesterday that 1.5 had been released I bought it straight away.

  4. I like the simple unobtrusive interface very much. Recently though, lack of sync has become a prominent issue. I heavily alternate between development machines but each machine performs similar tasks, necessitating sync. A post from March states sync was "on its way", but in December it's not here to my knowledge. As a Cocoa developer I understand iCloud was a newish API at that time but at this point I assume there's not been as much opportunity to work on this as you'd hoped. What's the ETA for this feature?

    1. James, unfortunately iCloud turned out to be very unreliable technology. Please consider to keep CBXML documents in Dropbox. It works great for me, and all snippets are in the cloud. Sorry for the late reply!

  5. Something wrong with the syntax highlighting. It seems to doesn't work. I get a message "Highlighting interrupted after spending too much time".

    1. I hope to improve this in the future updates. Sorry for the late reply.