October 5, 2012

ResolutionTab 1.1 brings missed features

ResolutionTab was released one month ago and has been pretty successful for such a simple developer tool. It has got very positive feedback in the Mac App Store and was even reviewed at Lifehacker. After receiving your feedback and feature requests, I implemented some improvements to make this tool even more useful.

First, it turned out it is possible to enable the checkbox Launch at Login in the sandboxed environment. If you are a Cocoa developer and looking for information on this topic, the following resources should be useful: Start dockless apps at login with App Sandbox enabled, How to add a sandboxed app to the login items and Sandboxing, login items and launch App. All of these resources resulted in a new checkbox in the Preferences panel allowing to launch ResolutionTab automatically when you on log in.

Next, the menubar icon is usually invisible when an active app menu is too wide and you are working on a MacBook. To make switching still possible, the new version adds support for the global keyboard shortcut. Now there is no need to click the status icon. You define the hotkey and then press it in any app to switch from the standard display mode to HiDPI and vice versa. By the way, if you are developing Mac app and need a control for hotkeys, check out my GitHub project MASShortcut. Recent commits introduce new options for appearance of the input view.

In addition, the app now watches for recently used display modes and enables switching between the two most popular much easier by putting them into the main menu. This allows to return back to the previously selected resolution, even if it is not ultra-high, in one click or hotkey press.

Finally, not all users could find an Option-Click on the icon to switch between all available display modes. In the new update, the global menu is redesigned and now it has all available modes under the submenu. This will also make the app more convenient for MacBook Pro with Retina display. That's it.

Check out an update of ResolutionTab 1.1 in the Mac App Store.

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