June 10, 2015

WWDC 2015 PostScriptum

I made a list of predictions and hopes for this year before the Keynote. Now I would like to review them one-by-one with some comments.

iOS 9 ✓

The cool multi-tasking is the biggest surprise. In addition, we got an improved keyboard and the new system font San Francisco. Everything else is good enough for the “snowy” release.

OS X 10.11 ✓

El Capitan is not as innovative this year, because most new features belong to the native apps. Though iPad-like split-screen implementation looks promising. I live on San Francisco in Yosemity for 2 weeks, it is awesome.

Xcode 7.0 ✓

The new version of IDE looks better than ever and got new features for UI testing and IB modeling. Unfortunately, this is still not AppCode in terms of re-factoring, but new features should make us better developers anyway.

Swift 2.0 ✓

It looks like the new version of the Apple language solves most of the problems we had. On the marketing side, Swift is going open-source in 2016. Which means Linux support and potentially a new environment for web development are coming.

WatchKit 2.0 ✓

The new watchOS provides almost the same capabilities as v1 for third-party apps. Although now the apps can be native and work without an iPhone counterpart for business logic. Which is great.

CloudKit 2.0 ✓

Not 2.0 officially, but it's okay to call it the next version. Just a year after announcement, third-parties get the JavaScript library and web service support for developing in-browser representation of iCloud data.

Auto Layout 2.0 ✓

The new classes in Auto Layout are worth the version bump. Now we have all tools for supporting any screen sizes.

CoreData 2.0

There is nothing new but small improvements to the existing framework. Let‘s hope for 2016.

UXKit 1.0

This is not UXKit we expected, but we have much improved NSCollectionView and new NSStackView for building modern interfaces for the Desktop.

App Store 2.0

Nothing has changed in iTunes Connect. Nothing. MUSIC and Connect? This is developers conference, damn…

Objective-C 3.0

No new language, but we got some nice improvements like generics in collections for better cooperation with Swift.

TVKit 1.0

Indeed, they were ready to announce the new SDK, but something did not work. The most likely, we will see TV 2 in September along with a new iPhone 6S.

So, 7 out of 12. I‘m happy :) Have a great rest of the week!

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