June 5, 2015

WWDC 2015 Prospects

I have not yet met any articles on the subject from other developers. So here is my list of expectations and predictions for the new software and tools we may see next Monday:

Chance Product Details
200% iOS 9 You cannot keep the most selling mobile device in the world without yearly updates. An upcoming iPhone 6S must get new features, and adding them into iOS 8 is just a bad idea. So the new release of iOS 9 is unavoidable.
100% OS X 10.11 OS X is based on the same Foundation APIs as iOS, so even technically delaying the new version of Desktop OS sounds crazy. Sure thing, we will see the better and stronger Yosemity with a new name.
100% Xcode 7.0 The better WatchKit and probably TVKit are coming soon, so the next version of IDE may introduce new Instruments and Interface Builder. Also, I hope for improved refactoring tools and smarter CSV diff view for .xcodeproj files.
95% Swift 2.0 The new version of language would fix major problems with current implementation and also give it a huge Marketing push. The lack of updates and some hints from Cupertino make me almost sure that we will see an update.
80% WatchKit 2.0 3.500 Apps in the store is a lot, but this must be a joke for Cupertino. They need 350.000 and growing. After promise to release a native SDK, many developers are on hold, and new APIs should inspire them.
75% CoreData 2.0 Modern framework is perfect for Obj-C, but feels like a hack when you use it in Swift. Apple promotes cross-plarfom apps, but CoreData cannot work with CloudKit “natively”. So we definitely need a new solution for persistent storage.
70% CloudKit 2.0 The new platform for iCloud development announced last year is great, but it lacks such basic features as sharing data between accounts and managing it from Web. Let's hope for some improvements in the the Sync framework.
60% UXKit 1.0 The much discussed framework used to build UI in the new Apple Photos app sounds like a good replacement for “out-dated” AppKit. Deprecated NSCell, the new NSCollectionView, native toolbar navigation, tintColor for controls… Why not?
50% App Store 2.0 In-app reviews, developer replies, separate charts for games and apps, fixed search, native trials etc-etc. We heard so many fantastic ideas last year that it is a crime for Apple to not implement any of them.
25% Objective-C 3.0 Swift cannot replace ObjC with its runtime and nil-messaging. I believe both languages will co-exist like iOS and OS X borrowing all the best from each other. As result, we may see “modern” structs and enums or even generics in the newer version of Objective-C.
15% Auto Layout 2.0 This is just my wild guess as a solution for adaptive layouts that should work on all devices from tiny Apple Watch to the huge Apple TV. This is partially solved using size classes in iOS SDK, but they are not intuitive and hard to build and support in code.
5% TVKit 1.0 Recent rumors suggest that we will not see the new generation of Apple TV, but we have not seen Apple Watch after announcement as well. Developers need more time to adopt their apps for the huge screen, so why not give them tools in advance.

P. S. There is a follow-up blog post with results!

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